We are an emerging markets asset manager focused on the future of learning and work, managing private equity and private debt funds in South & South-East Asia and in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Belief

We, at Kaizenvest, believe that the future of learning and work is being redefined through technological, pedagogical and learning-engagement model innovations.

Our raison-d’etre is a firm conviction that learning is the catalyst for a better world. We are interested in working with founders who are on a mission to solve key challenges facing the future of learning and work.

Investment Thesis

Our sector focus has led to a specialized investing process driven by a First Principles approach. We invest in companies that are driving learning innovations:

Companies that use technology to increase access, improve quality or personalize learning at scale.

Companies that bring about innovations in curriculum, pedagogy, process or introduce new age skills for future readiness.

Finance, technology tools and services that accelerate learning transformation for all.

Value Addition

We leverage our proprietary BOOST value creation model to improve our companies’ operations and profitability post performance